07 June 2024

Lauris Reiniks Releases New Summer Song in 90’s Vibe

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Lauris Reiniks enters this summer with a new and melancholic song called “Kaila nakts” (Naked Night). This work is special due to the fact that originally it was composed by a musician and Lauris’s father Arturs Reiniks more than 20 years ago.

“Usually I sing, record and release only my own compositions, but this song composed by my dad touched me deeply and I always loved it. Its melody is wistfully romantic, that is very characteristic to the music of the 90’s. What I find interesting is that my father wrote it when he was my age. Also at his jubilee concert he asked me to sing it. So I decided that it is so good that I’d love to make my own version of it. To make it sound more nowadays with some changes and improvements. I believe we managed to pass this feeling in 2024 and hopefully listeners will like it too, making it one their summer songs of this year” , tells Lauris Reiniks.

Arturs Reiniks is also happy with the result: “I’ve always liked hearing my songs performed by other musicians and Lauris’s idea to make my song in his version nicely surprised me. In my opinion the result is very successful, because it still has the same feeling that the lyricist Ulla Veilande and I originally put in it more than 20 years ago. In Lauris’s interpretation and the new arrangement the song has got a new breath and sound.”

The song “Kaila nakts” is available for download on all music streaming services. The Estonian (Pilvelaevas) and Lithuanian (Nuoga naktis) versions of this song have been released in the neighbouring countries as well.

Translation of “KAILA NAKTS” song lyrics:


Rīts ar saules gaismu sākas Morning starts with the sun light
Klāt tam tava smaida glāsts  The touch of your smile comes along with it
Pielīst laimes pilna māja       The house pours full of happiness
Katra diena jauns ir stāsts     Every day is a new story

Man bez tevis tukšas rokas My arms are empty without you
Tev bez manis tukša sirds   Your heart is empty without me
Man bez tevis tumša diena My day is dark without you
Tev bez manis kaila nakts   Your night is naked without me

Tu man esi saule lietū You are my sun in the rain
Ziemā mana vasara    My summer in winter
Jūtot tavu silto elpu.    Feeling your warm breath
Ziemeļvēji nebaida      Northern winds don’t scare me.