05 December 2007

“The Very Definition of a Show” – Latvian Media Rave About Lauris’ Concert Show

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“Latvia’s best known man, Lauris Reiniks, has become a symbol of national unity, and if only there were a big enough hall, he could bring together the entire nation, singing “New York, New York” while riding a horse. Lauris is dressed in a white suit and white shoes, and his well-choreographed show creates the impression of a convincing entertainer, singing his most popular songs and amusing the audience with some light jokes. In the audience – everyone from preschool-age children to older men and women. Certainly an enviable audience.” – TVNET.LV

“Thousands of people joined Lauris in singing his big hit ‘Sirds sadeg neparasti’ with all their might. They were moved to tears when the musician called his father, mother and sister onstage to sing an a capella version of a song about pancakes. The culmination came when Lauris rode into the hall astride a horse, dressed in a gray suit and white hat. Amidst the thunderous applause, he sang Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’. It appears that the jungle-like tempering of show business has provided Latvia with an outstanding showman.” – National newspaper “Diena”

“An outstanding two-hour show which did not allow the audience to relax for a single moment. Positive emotions which quite often caused tears of joy.” – magazine “POPCORN”

“Singer Lauris Reiniks’ brilliant concert show, ‘Dreams Come True in a Night Store’, was performed with honour. One can only admire Reiniks for daring to ride into an overflowing hall astride a horse and even to sing while dashingly holding the reins.” – magazine “KAS JAUNS”

“The hall was stuffed to overflowing with people from all generations. Thought had been given to sight lines and safety. There was no shortage of sparkle, as the hero of the evening likes to call it. Together with others or alone, he performed his well known hits, as well as more recent songs from ‘At the Night Store’. Amid the songs were a few indisputably high-quality dance performances. This, of course, is the very definition of a show.” – EASYGET.LV


TV3 Commercial of Lauris’ concertshow broadcast on Christmas eve: