05 December 2008

Lauris Reiniks’ new single is topping the Latvian charts!

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The duet, “Es esmu tev dzīslās” ( I Am In Your Veins), performed by Lauris Reiniks and his sister Rūta, has quickly reached the top of many radio station charts in Latvia. It has been a number 1 song for 5 weeks on the Latvian Music Chart and number 1 on the Latvian Airplay Top 50 , which combines Latvian and international songs that are played on radio stations in Latvia. For several weeks, “Es esmu tev dzislās” has been the most downloaded song on a legal music downloading Website, www.doremi.lv.

A music video is going to be filmed soon for this song. It will feature not only Lauris and Rūta, but also several very look-alike brothers and sisters who were selected in auditions involving more than 300 brother and sister couples.

Photo: Brothers and sisters who will be featured in the music video for “Es esmu tev dzīslās”.