09 June 2010

Lauris Reiniks Receives Title from YouTube, Sets Record

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Lauris Reiniks’ song “Es skrienu” (I’m Running) was released less than two weeks ago, played simultaneously on several popular radio stations as a premiere, and presented in a video clip only recently, but it has already demonstrated surprising results. During the course of the first day, it was among the top three songs to be downloaded from Doremi.lv, and by week’s end, it was in top spot. Indeed, the song has set a record as this year’s most often purchased song during the course of a week.

The musician received particularly joyous news from the world’s most popular Internet video site, YouTube where the video clip, presented as an Official Music Video, was among the most watched videos in a single day, rising to 16th place. During the course of the week, it rose to 82nd place among the world’s most often watched videos. The statistics show that during the course of a single day, the video has been watched, on average, between 8,000 and 10,000 times.

Lauris composed the music for the song and wrote the lyrics together with Mārtiņš Freimanis. Midis was the producer.

“I’m pleasantly surprised at how quickly the song and the video clip rose up to the top of the lists,” says Lauris. “I’m particularly delighted that listeners have appreciated the style of this song. It’s not the style that I usually sing in, but thanks for the countless compliments for the song. It was worth the effort, and thanks for your kind words. It looks like this summer everyone in Latvia will be singing, running and dancing on stages!”

The video, as has been reported in the past, was filmed over the course of three days in Lauris Reiniks’ home town of Tērvete, Latvia. It is the most detailed clip that he’s ever appeared in. Some 100 people were involved in all. It’s a romantic and comical story with action elements. It’s set in mid-summer in a Latvian small town, with a girl giving a boy the last chance to save their relationship. The video is being positioned as a short film. The cameraman was Uvis Burjāns, and the screenplay was written by Lauris and his director, Aija Strazdiņa.

The MP3 of the song can be legally downloaded on the portal Doremi.lv!

Watch “Es skrienu” music video: