22 November 2010

Lauris Reiniks Sets The Baltic Record!

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Lauris Reiniks’ most current superhit song and music video “Es skrienu” (I’m running) has set an interesting record. The song has reached more than 1 million views on the popular internet site “YouTube” that has happened in a relatively very short period of time. “Es skrienu” is the main track in Lauris’ new album with the same title!

Quite surprising is a fact that this record was set neither with the original version in Latvian, nor the following version “Ma jooksen” in Estonian. The record has been achieved with the Lithuanian version called “Aš Bėgu”.

Lauris is the first Latvian and Baltic popmusic artist who has achieved such results in only 2 months.

The song “Es skrienu” is still the most downloaded song on the major Latvian mp3 store doremi.lv , it was Nr.1 song in the Radio Elmar chart in Estonia for three weeks and now is experiencing huge success in Lithuania. Until today Lauris has recorded this song in 6 languages – Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Russian, English and Italian.

“I am very, very happy about this fact and record I have set! The Baltic countries have joined in one happy and musical running that was completely produced in Latvia! It turns out that Lithuanians run the fastest of all”, with a smile says Lauris promising that after requests from fans he is planning to record some duet song with Estonian and Lithuanian female singer!

“Es skrienu” popularity ratings on “YouTube” are following:

1. Aš Bėgu (in Lithuanian) – 1 007 126 views

2. Es skrienu (in Latvian) – 769 613 views

3. Ma jooksen (in Estonian) – 266 682 views

4. I Will Run (in English) – 138.982 views

5. Я бегу (in Russian) – 60.712 views

6. Correrò da te (in Italian) – 31.658 views

Savējais (feat. Alise Haijima) // Lauris Reiniks & Alise Haijima - Savējais (feat. Alise Haijima)
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