20 April 2013
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New Song, Video for Lithuania and Estonia

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Lauris Reiniks and Microphone Records has just released a new song and music video for Lithuania and Estonia. The Estonian version “Keerleval kaljul” is recorded in a duet with Luisa Värk but the Lithuanian “Apkabink dar” duet partner is Liepa Mondeikaite. Originally this song is known as “Es esmu tev dzīslās”, Lauris’s Latvian duet song with his sister Rūta from the award winning “Es skrienu” album.

Lithuanian lyrics were written by Deivydas Zvonkus but the Estonian version was written by Luisa Värk. Music by Lauris Reiniks. Music video for both versions was filmed in March 2013 in Verbania, Italy by the lake Maggiore.

Eventhough the video is more or less the same in both versions, story line in lyrics is different. “Apkabink dar” (Hug me more), the Lithuanian song talks about an emotional confession between two friends who have realized that their friendship has grown into something stronger and bigger. They have fallen in love.

“Keerleval kaljul” (On a spinning cliff), the Estonian version is about a couple experiencing crisis in their relatioship and being close to a break-up. However, they both believe it can be fixed and they will stay together in the end.

Music video was produced by Lauris Reiniks, directed by Aija Strazdina, camera work by Uvis Burjans.

Very fast the song and video has become very popular and beloved in both cuntries, climbing radio charts, topping charts on mp3 shops and getting thousands of views on YouTube everyday.  The song is #1 on Lithuanian iTunes and #1 on Estonian equivalent muusika24.ee