25 October 2009

Lauris Reiniks & “Brainstorm” – the most successful Latvian musicians!

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Public Relations and marketing communications vortal www.7guru.lv along with PR and Art Management consultant Leonarda Kestere have created TOP 7 of the most successful artists in Latvian show-business in 2009. Lauris Reiniks is number 2 in this top following the band “Brainstorm” which is in the first position.

These are musicians who know how to sell themselves even during a period of crisis. The bottom line of success of Latvian brightest bands and solo artists is an ability to use integrated communications in their work. Here’s what experts say about Lauris Reiniks:
“He sells and carries out himself perfectly both as a singer and presenter”, admits Leonarda Kestere. While requests for concerts decrease, TV companies and event organizing companies hire and focus on recognizable artists. Companies are interested to attract famous names to their product in order to guarantee higher demand of their product and higher ratings.”

Top7 of Most Successful Latvian Recording Artists:
1.Prāta Vētra (Brainstorm)
2.Lauris Reiniks
3.Mārtiņš Freimanis
4.Linda Leen
5.Marija Naumova
7.Viktors Lapčenoks