27 August 2010
Lauris Reiniks 2

“Ma jooksen” doing well in Estonia, Lauris starts the new season on LNT television!

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In July, 2010 Lauris Reiniks recorded his Latvian 2010 summer hit song “Es skrienu” in Estonian language called “Ma jooksen”. During a course of the month after the song, video was presented to Estonian public it is showing remarkable results. Great number of views on YouTube, topping the chart of Raadio Elmar, getting attention of best Estonian Djs and doing well on Estonian mp3 music stores.

”Ma jooksen” official music video has gotten more than 100.000 views on YouTube in one month. Along with “Ma jooksen” versions posted by other users, the song, video has been played and watched about 170.000 times.

3 weeks ago “Ma jooksen” entered the TOP10 chart of the popular Raadio Elmar.. This week (week 35) it is officially the song  #1.


”It makes me really happy that Estonians have showed such a positive attitude and good feelings about this song. Thank you for all those nice feedbacks and comments on YouTube, Facebook and my website. I really appreciate it! I feel honored to be in the top10 of Radio Elmar, because I know they play only Estonian music, but I am Latvian” says Lauris who only couple of days ago returned from Los Angeles, CA where he had his upcoming album photo shoot, some business meetings and vacation.

It is now possible to download “Ma jooksen” song on all major Estonian mp3 music stores, such as Muusika24Tele2Delfi, EMT un Elisa.

Not only Latvian, but also Estonian DJs have created several remixes for this track. Boyza II,  Tony Beatz and TRE Music remixes can be purchased on previously mentioned internet stores.

”Microphone Records” record label is now working on Lauris’ upcoming album followed by a tour around Latvia. It is also known that some time soon Lauris is going Tallinn for “Ma jooksen” song promotion. The work on Lithuanian version for this song has begun, too.

Lauris has just started hosting the 2nd season of LNT hit show “Latvia’s Singing Families”. Last season this show was recognized the best show of the year, but Lauris Reiniks got a National award as the “TV personality of The Year”. “Latvia’s Singing Families” is on air every Sunday night at 8.15pm live on LNT television.

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