12 September 2010

“Es skrienu” now also in Lithuanian – “Aš Bėgu”!

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Recently Lauris Reiniks surprised everyone when recorded his Latvian summer hit song “Es skrienu” in Estonian called “Ma jooksen”. The song, video is doing very well in Estonia, but Lauris is moving on and has done the same in Lithuanian. “Microphone Records” has just sent the Lithuanian version of “Es skrienu” to all radio and TV stations in Lithuania. The song is called “Aš Bėgu”.

Lithuanian TV writer Justinas Jankevičius who consulted Lauris and worked on his accent during a recording process adapted “Aš Bėgu” lyrics. Along with the song the official music video has been presented to Lithuanian audience, too. Voice-over was done by Monika Bleikša and Jānis Strēlnieks, students of Riga Lithuanian High School.

“I truly believe that Latvia and Lithuania have many things in common and ““Aš Bėgu” song, video will be understandable also for Lithuanian people. Lithuanian language is the only similar language to the Latvian, which made the recording process very interesting and fun! However I am not Lithuanian and you may tell that when listening to the song. I tried my best to sound as good as possible, so hopefully you won’t be too critical about my accent. I hope Lithuanians will like “Aš Bėgu” and dance to this happy and positive summer song just like Latvians did it this summer and still do”, says Lauris.

Lauris Reiniks has already had some good connection and cooperation with Lithuania. All TV shows he’s done for “TV3 Latvia” were produced by Lithuanian TV production company “Just.tv”. Last time Lauris was in Lithuania was when few years ago he was a guest star on LNK television show “Šok su žvaigžde” (Dancing With The Stars) as the winner of the same show in Latvia.

When thinking of Lithuania Lauris remembers his childhood when he loved going there with his parents. During Soviet times you could get cheaper ice cream, sausages and gasoline in Lithuania. Akmene and Žagare were cities Reiniks family visited the most, as those were the closest places to Lauris’ native town of Tervete.

Big thank you to everyone who helped me to bring the Lithuanian version into reality!

So here it is “Aš Bėgu” official music video: