02 June 2011
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Lietuvā iznāk Laura Reinika albums “Aš bégu”!

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June 1, 2011- Vilnius, Lithuania.  In a warm and positive atmosphere, treating guests with Riga Black balsams, “Laima” chocolates and Riga sprats Lauris Reiniks presented his first album for Lithuania “Aš bégu” (I’m running) on a summer terrace of “Forum Palace” in Vilnius. The original version of this album was released in Latvia in autumn of 2010 under a title of “Es skrienu”. It soon became a bestseller in Latvia and later got the Best Pop Album 2010 at Latvian Music Awards.


“Aš bégu” album release in Lithuania is the next step after the great success of “Aš bégu” song in Lithuania. There are 13 tracks in the album including  the popular “Aš bégu”, “Pasaka” and 12 other songs in English.

“I am really excited and proud that my first International album has been released. This album is already very beloved by my music fans in Latvia and I hope my new Lithuanian fans will like it, too.” says Lauris adding that “Aš bégu” album will definitely be interesting also for his Latvian and International fans. The album features tracks in English that have never been published in Latvia (Banjo Laura etc) as well as English versions of Lauris’s most popular Latvian songs.

June 1st at “Forum Palace” in Vilnius was not only the album launch party in Lithuania, but also an opening party of TV3 Lithuania  “Šok su manimi” (Dance With Me) show which is a similar show to “Dancing with the stars” or “Strictly come dancing”. Lauris Reiniks partnered by Aleksandra Kurusova will participate in this show in Lithuania the coming autumn in September.
As we remember in 2007 Lauris Reiniks became a winner of “Dancing with the stars” show in Latvia.


Among Lithuanian celebrities who took part in this party there was also embassador of Latvia- Mr. Martins Kirsis who came to congratulate Lauris and pointed out that music brings our countries closer to each other. Special performance of “The War is not Over” was delivered by “Walters and Kazha”, the Latvian due who represented Latvia at Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 and later become popular in Lithuania.

Album “Aš bégu” is available in shops all over Lithuania and is released by Microphone Records (Latvia) under exclusive license to Prior Records Group (Lithuania).