29 February 2012
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“Es skrienu” Wins “Radio Hit Of The Year” at Latvian Music Awards 2011.

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On February 28, 2012 the annual Latvian Music Awards took place at the Latvia’s National Opera in Riga. 14 statues were given away in different categories. Lauris Reiniks was nominated in 3 categories. Best music video, best song (Banjo Laura) and Radio hit of the year (Es skrienu & Labāk vēl neaizmiedz). Lauris went home with a statue of “Radio Hit of The Year” for his ” Es skrienu” song. As we remember, last year Lauris recieved the ” Best pop album” award for his ” Es skrienu” album.

During the awards show Lauris gave a special performance of his international hit “Pasaka” that he sang in 4 languages along with his duet partners from 3 Baltic states – Luisa Värk (Estonia), Monika (Lithuania) and Aija Andrejeva/Aisha (Latvia).

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“I am super excited and surprised for recieving this award, because ” Es skrienu” was in the same nomination already last year. I thought the running process had slowed down a bit, but I was wrong. I’m happy that people still love this song, sing and dance to it, and request it on radio stations. I want to thank my listeners and all radio stations in Latvia for playing my music! Thanks a lot!“, says Lauris Reiniks.

Lauris Reiniks continues giving concerts in the Baltic states and works on the “Pasaka” song Dutch version “Zo’n Verhaal” promotion in the Netherlands. He also plays in a new musical called “Sūnu ciema zēni” (Moss Village Boys” produced by “Latvijas Koncerti” agency.

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