01 December 2012
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Lauris Reiniks Releases Christmas Album

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Holidays are coming and Lauris has a great present for you all! Microphone Records has just released a brand new and beautiful Christmas album by Lauris Reiniks called “Lauris Reiniks Ziemassvetkos”.  The album featuring 13 tracks in Latvian was created in collaboration with the Emmy award winner (Batman Beyond) and composer/arranger of Latvian descent Lolita Ritmanis in Hollywood.  On December 20, a show with the same title will take place at Arena Riga.

New melodies, traditional and beloved Christmas songs with new orchestral arrangements will let you feel the Christmas spirit immediately. Guest artists, Vidzemes orchestra, and lots of positive emotions.

“I’m very excited about the result and I’ll be brave enough to say that this is possibly the best Christmas album this year in Latvia. And I’m happy that I had a chance to work with Lolita Ritmanis who made these beautiful new orchestra arrangements for all songs in this album. Even if you don’t undrestand Latvian, you will recognize several tunes or just feel the Chistmas spirit through melodies”, tells Lauris.


Dīvaini mierīgi // Lauris Reiniks - Dīvaini mierīgi
  1. Dīvaini mierīgi // Lauris Reiniks - Dīvaini mierīgi