08 August 2016

Lauris Releases New Song For The Baltics, Joins The Cast Of “Viņas melo labāk”

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In the first week of August, 2016, Lauris Reiniks has released his new single for Latvia and other Baltic states. The original Latvian version of the song is titled ‘Var jau būt” (May be). It is also recorded in Lithuanian (Gali būt) and Estonian (Olla võib) languages. The author of music as always is Lauris Reiniks himself, but the lyrics were written and later adapted by Oskars Deigelis, Guntars Račs (LV), Justinas Jankevičius (LT) and Leelo Tungal (EE).
Lauris explains the song idea: “Var jau būt” is a story about nowadays when the rhythm of life is so fast. Everything happens in a rush. We don’t see each other as much as we should or would like to and then we start to question if everything is all right. Sometimes we unnecessary overthink and worry without a reason. Actually everything is ok. It’s just the time we’re living in now. “ Lauris Reiniks also reveals that there is an idea to shoot a music video for this song which would be a sequel of Lauris’s “Es skrienu” (I run) music video story. The song in all languages is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Doremi.lv and Muusika24.ee

Also a nice surprise expects fans of TV3 hit show “Viņas melo labāk” (They (women) lie better). New character is joining the cast of the series this week. His name is Igors and he will be played by Lauris Reiniks. Igors is a man with criminal history and his task will be to intimidate a certain person in the show. ” It is not a big role, but I was very happy to play it. It was very interesting because neither audience nor myself have ever seen or imagine me in such an image. It was really exciting when producers of the series offered me this role last summer. I had recently returned from my acting studies in Los Angeles and really wanted to act!” , explains Lauris who over the years has trained as an actor for film and television in 3 different private schools in Los Angeles, USA.